Monday, April 27, 2009

Springfield: Water and a lot more

If you're wondering what kind of water you'll be drinking during the 2009 LA Marathon, wonder no more.  For the third straight year we'll be rocking Springfield Water.  But Springfield's commitment doesn't end on the course.  They'll also be hosting the first-ever Kids Corner in our Expo, which we'll be telling you more about in the upcoming weeks.

On top of all this, what we're really excited about the Springfield KidsMarathon.  In partnership with Olympic medalist Rod Dixon, Springfield is helping us to promote exercise and nutrition to children in local elementary schools.  Participating kids will run 25 miles over an 8-week training period then finish the last 1.2 miles at the LA Marathon on May 25th -- complete with finisher medals and fanfare for their terrific achievements. 

We'll keep you updated on all things Springfield as we move closer to race day.


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