Friday, April 17, 2009

Recovery Rod Dixon Style

The Ice Chilly Bin

Roadrunners had a great 20 mile run Saturday April 11th.

For many years in my home town, Nelson, New Zealand after our long run (3hours +) we would get a large bin and put a plastic liner in, fill with water and then when we returned from the run put about 5-6 bags of ice in. (Good time to put that six pack in also). So after the cool down exercises and some light stretches we would take the plunge. (Good idea to have an old broom handle to bite on for the first 5-7 minutes until you adjust to the cold-just kidding), and then have a few drinks and talk over the training with your fellow runners. The key is to stay in for a minimum of 10 minutes and hold through for 15 minutes. Always keep warm on top and wrap the legs when finished sit and relax with your feet up for 20 minutes. The next day you will feel fantastic!


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