Friday, May 8, 2009

Top Ten Fridays--Results Revealed!!

You guys rock--once again we got a GREAT response to our Top 10 Fridays survey. We asked on Wednesday "What is your favorite running store" and we got some great tips! See below for the results!

#1: Our runaway winner (no pun intended!) was Phidippides in Encino.
#2: A Runner's Circle in Los Feliz
#3: The Nike Store at The Grove
#4: Inside Track in Ventura
#5: Runner's High (multiple locations)
#6: A Snails Pace (multiple locations)
#7: Village Runner in Redondo Beach
#8: Top to Top in Santa Monica
#9: Frontrunner's in Brentwood
#10: Sport Chalet (multiple locations)

Have a great weekend!


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