Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Elites in the house!

In case you're not aware, we have quietly assembled a very solid elite field in both the Men's and Women's divisions of the LA Marathon. In fact, as I write this the runners are traveling in from all over the world. They're all competing for $250,000 in prize money, and once again we have the Challenge in place. That's where the elite women take off with a head start over the elite men. The men then start running with the full field and try to catch the women. The first runner--man or woman--to cross the line wins the $100,000 bonus. The Challenge creates a race within the race, and it adds tremendously to the excitement of the event. The men's field includes former 5000 meter world champion Benjamin LImo from Kenya as well as his compatriots Fred Mogaka and Moses Kororia. Among the women, the fastest time belongs to Romanian Nuta Olaro. And she'll be challenged by Russians Lyubov Morgunova and Tatiana Petrova. You can check out the full field here.


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