Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Now open for comments

We've at last enabled the comment feature of this blog. Because we want to build a community around the LA Marathon, it's important that all of you have a voice. Ideally, our relationship is a conversation, not a one-way monologue. If you feel strongly one way or another about any of our posts, please let us know. The more you, our readers, participate, the more valuable the blog becomes.



Billy Burger said...

FINALLY. I will link you from my blog too. Quick comments (and I think it's the consensus based on Twitter/Running Forums):

1) the new route is AWESOME. So glad McCourt + team took the initiative to follow up on promises to make LA a 'world class marathon'.

2) price is a bit high - especially for an 'early registration fee'. But...(sigh), we'll deal. $85-100 would have been more ideal.

All in all, I've been pretty pleased with you guys since you took over Devine (who were crap). Needless to say, the Memorial Day switch sucked, but after some research, I realize that your hands were pinned.

Much gratitude team.

Anonymous said...

If LA want to compete with other Marathons, they should provide free parking for the once that are racing and free shuttles from the finish line to the start/where the parking is. All other Marathons provide that for the runners. They also do no go cheap with the metals. Last year metal is on the little size. The half marathons I run gave bigger metals then last years!

Anonymous said...

I see there is nothing about the Acura Bike tour. Are you having one or did you drop it.

Anonymous said...

I am astounded to learn the Acura Bike Tour is not being offered on the same day of the Marathon with this unbelievably awesome route from the Dodger stadium to the Pacific. It just doesn't make economic or logical sense to have the bike tour at a later date. Why?

chriswhitemyer said...

Why is the Bike tour being thrown under the bus. I think the bike tour should be regulated a little more. I don't think you would let people with skates or other contraptions in the marathon so why let them in the bike tour. Maybe you could put the go-cart tour on a another day.

Anonymous said...

$125 for early registration in THIS economy? Are you SERIOUS? For 25,000 runners. just where does that 3.125 million dollars go? $125 each to be a guinea pig on your new, untried, point-to-point course? No discount for prior runners? Didn't you learn from last year's TINY and poorly-attended expo that people aren't spending money these days? I haven't missed a year since I started in 1991, but there's no way I'm paying $125. How much more will late registration be? You're only deluding yourselves. You'll never sell out at that price. You are encouraging more bandit runners than ever. You can't stop them. I'll be among them. I'll run for free, buy a $5 marathon copy T-shirt from the duffle bag entrepreneurs that now seem like geniuses, and pocket $120. You'll be left holding the bag and wondering how come the LA marathon is still losing money and running out of water at mile 19 again.

Maybe I'll organize all the bandits and we'll run in special T-shirts as a protest. Who's with me?

V for Vendetta

Anonymous said...

The price $125 is expensive. Unfortunately, I am dropping out. Maybe look for more low profile trail runs.

Anonymous said...

So much for international Goodwill. $125 entry is bad enough, and you want to charge $150for international entry? Good luck, Gangsters! I run marathons all over the world, and NOBODY charges more for international runners. They actually want and encourage international runners to participate. What is wrong with the LA marathon organizers turned pirate profiteers? LAM has become LA Marathon Enterprises. AKA LAME.

Rosie Peterson said...

Oh my! I was planning on running my first marathon in L.A. However, after seeing the registrtion cost, I will have to reconsider. After flight, hotel, and dining expenses, this trip could be a little hard to justify.

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of what has already been said... $125 registration fee is way too much, AND there isn't an early bird and/or prior runner discount (running alum get to register a day early... big woop)! There isn't enough offered in this race to make it worth $125. The medal isn't overly big, the technical shirt will be the same as every other race, and nothing extra... sure the course will be new and exciting, but when I can pay less to run other courses, get bigger medals, even finisher sweatshirts! for less money... um, makes it pretty easy to not run this race. I'm disappointed... as an LA native, I was looking forward to this, but only have questions now. :-(

Eric O said...

Mr. McCourt: Lots of negative vibes here. The people have spoken and there is a consensus. This year's race date change was poorly-received and your "earlybird registration" price has both natives and veterans upset. To look like a hero, please act fast to come up with a coupon code for early/veteran entry costing $100 or less and get the word out through the proper channels. Give marathon runners something to cheer about rather than gripe about. LA needs a hero, please step up to the plate!

Anonymous said...

The Santa Clarita Marathon, which is an official qualifying race for the Boston Marathon, will test the physical boundaries of the human body on Sunday November 8, 2009. The day will include a full marathon, a half marathon, a 5K Run/Walk and a Kid K run. All races will begin at 7:00 a.m., with the exception of the Kid K, which will begin at 8:30 a.m.

Santa Clarita Marathon: $65.00
Santa Clarita 1/2 Marathon: $50.00
5K Run/Walk: $25.00

Online Reg. Closes:
November 1, 2009 11:59 PM Pacific Time


Eric O. said...

Looks like this blog got thrown under the bus along with the bike tour! At least it got buried. Why isn't there a link from the LAM website to this blog?

Anonymous said...

I am hesitant to run for several reasons. The website should have been fully running by now. How are people suppose to plan with a lack of information such as parking locations or what the finish line venue will be etc. I can see it now, long lines for shuttle buses - like some of the other marathon cities.

Anonymous said...

I am hesitant to run for several reasons. The website should have been fully running by now. How are people suppose to plan with a lack of information such as parking locations or what the finish line venue will be etc. I can see it now, long lines for shuttle buses - like some of the other marathon cities.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is right on ALL issues. Not only is te LAM overpriced at $125, but they are charging an additional $10.00 for the processing fee which is absurd!.
There are NO discounts for past participiants or specials, no shuttles, no free parking and NO expo! WTF???!!!

Anonymous said...

I have been saying the la marathon was overpriced for years.

Then they brag that they raised $3million for charity. How did they raise it? There's a word for it - extortion. Everybody wants a t shirt and medal, so they part with $125. for charity? How about charity for the less wealthy citizens of LA who would like to participate. Should they default on their rent? Not pay their utilities for a month? Let's face it. This is a marathon for rich people. I'm not rich and I won't be paying. I'll meet all you bandit runners along the way.

Want a good marathon? Run Palos Verdes marathon, about May 21. $65. And guess what? They have a blank where you can put a voluntary donation in. Not like LA marathon that extorts $125 from its particpants, and pays its executives at least 1/2 million $. Tell me they're not greedy?

You won't see my comments on any page they promote. They'll probably remove them.

Truth is, if they thought people would pay $200, they would charge it.

Hate to tell you LA marathon, everything I have said is 100% true.


Bandits unite!

Anonymous said...

i've run LA marathon many times but i'm this year i'm not doing it.

reason: not paying the McCourt divorce.

i would rather run this http://www.pctrailruns.com/event.aspx?dtid=5453

spawn said...


Anonymous said...

This price $157 (process fee included) getting close or higher than a professional certification exam, such as a Red Hat exam.