Monday, February 2, 2009

How we spent our weekend

It was a busy running weekend for our staff. These are some highlights:

• Stacy Embretson, our Director of Operations, ran the Surf City Marathon as a pace leader. Her target time was 4:20 and she came in at 4:18:16. Not bad!

• Ginger Williams, our Director of Community Relations, ran the Surf City Half Marathon.

• Nick Curl and Rod Dixon were both down at our Roadrunners training session Saturday morning.

• I took my kids and nephew—ages 9,10 and 11—down to run the Super Bowl 5K in Redondo Beach. I’m proud to say they all finished without any whining. Although the highlight was seeing Team Fluffy Bunny finish the 10K as a 6-man caterpillar in under 35 minutes—Wow!


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