Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Cheer, from Stadium to Sea

7:30 am: "Brrrr. It's cold out here!"

Mile 4 in the downtown section of the course

Back on Sunset in Echo Park after a challenging first 8 miles

Doing a TV interview with Fox on Hollywood Blvd.

Mile 15 in front of the legendary Dan Tana's in West Hollywood

Now joined by Theresa, on the run down Rodeo Drive at Mile 17

Mile 18 at the Century City Mall. Is there a bigger Christmas tree in LA?

Mile 22: The girls find time to pose with Jimmy Dean Freeman at Peet's on San Vicente

Almost there! Mile 24 on the downhill finishing stretch

Bring it home girls! They cross the finish line at Santa Monica and Ocean Avenue

Today I had the pleasure of following along vicariously as the LA Marathon's Ginger Williams and Stacy Embretson ran the entire Stadium to Sea route in full costume. Assisted by our volunteer coordinator Manon Levenberg and joined by Theresa Brennan for the second half, they said "Happy Holidays" to about a thousand people on the route. Fox 11 stopped by at a couple locations to get interviews with them, and as if that wasn't enough of an expedition on this cool and windy day, they stopped at least every mile to shoot photos and document the experience. A huge and creative effort in the name of holiday spirit! I'll just call them our guerilla goodwill team. Hopefully, you were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of them on the street today. If not, you can see the photographic evidence on our Flickr page.

After the finish, all they could talk about was how amazing this route is. We knew that, of course, but you can't replace the experience of actually running Stadium to Sea (in a costume!).

Well done, Stacy, Theresa, Ginger and Manon!



Natalie DeJohn said...

Wow. It doesn't even look like they broke a sweat. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

I am still waiting for the word on how to get to the start if I am traveling by bus? I live near downtown and don't feel like taking the bus round trip to Santa Monica before the start?? ANY IDEAS??? No word back from Megan or any one else at the Dodgers .... Guess I will call MTA!

Sarah G said...

Hi Anonymous, You can take metro bus line 2,3 or 4 to the corner of Sunset Blvd. & Elysian Park Ave. to go right to the stadium. Hope that helps!
- @ThinkCure