Monday, November 9, 2009

2010 LA Marathon route: Elevation Profile

Here's the mile-by-mile elevation profile. How fast is this finish? Plus, it will get cooler as we head west towards the beach. If I wasn't working on the event that day, I'd be out there, too!

More route details on our course map page.



notaryabby said...

What about half marathon?

Billy Burger said...

I'm proud of you guys for working through the logistics and hurdling the many obstacles (yes, including the religious faithful) and finally putting together a world-class marathon route.

Thanks gang - now let's work through all the other little details to really make it memorable!

celmore said...

The new course look great. I can't wait!

LA Marathon said...

No half marathon. Here's what we've got:

25th Anniversary LA Marathon--March 21
NPN LA Marathon 5K--March 20
Pete Carrol Inspiration Dinner--March 20
Expo--March 19, 20 at Dodger Stadium

Linda said...

It looks great, only problem - no bike tour. Just send the bikes down first, 11 miles out and back and then you don't have to shuttle bikes and riders back from the beach, you have many thousand happy cyclists and many many thousand extra dollars. Please, please,please include a bike tour. Without it you are disappointing a lot of people and disregarding a wonderfully green mode of transport. No extra cost, just a whole lot of extra income.