Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yes, We're Proud of This

If you recall, we set out early on in the process to create a more sustainable LA Marathon.  Aside from all of the obvious reasons to do this, one of our goals was to attain certification from the Council for Responsible Sport.  We're happy to report that we've now officially made the grade.  The certification works like the LEED system for buildings, and we were rated in 6 major categories:  waste, climate, equipment & materials, community & outreach, health promotion and innovation.  With great input from advisor Bruce Rayner, as well as a lot of work from our staff, we earned a total of 26 points on the checklist.  We got credit for things like getting rid of 50,000 plastic goody bags (innovation), our extensive work with local non-profit charities (community & outreach) and creating less than 2 pounds of landfill waste per participant (waste).  We are, in fact, the first major-city marathon to achieve ReSport certification.  All running events should think seriously about undertaking this process.  While we significantly decreased the impact of the LA Marathon, the experience encouraged us to build a stronger relationship with our community based on a shared belief system of doing well by doing good.  And isn't that what it's all about?


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